The Workshops

WORKSHOP 1 – Monday APRIL 28 – MEDICAL MATERIALS “Emotions” 4pm to 6pm

What is the history of people’s emotional responses to materials? Researchers have a good knowledge of how humans interact, but what about humans and materials in e.g. medical interventions? How do rubber, leather, plastics, or metals shape medical or other experiences?

Presenter: Surgeon Roger Kneebone

Respondent: Sculptor Matthew Lane Sanderson

WORKSHOP 2 – Monday JUNE 30 – FIREWORKS “Transformations”, 4pm to 6pm

How have people experienced and made sense of changes in the state of materials in the past? How did they react to changes between liquids, solids, and gases, or sudden colour or texture changes, or transformations such as explosions?

Presenter: Pyrotechnician Matthew Tosh

Respondent: Artist Lucy Lyons

WORKSHOP 3 – Monday MAY 12 – BOOK RESTORATION “Restorations” 2pm to 5pm

How have people sought to restore properties of materials they perceive to have been lost in the past? What is the history of repairing, cleaning, reinvigorating and restoring material objects?

Presenter: Preservation Librarian Fred Bearman

Respondent: Artist Celia Pym


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